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The Rioja Region is undoubtedly Spain's best known wine producing region. Here for generations the Tempranillo grapes have produced wines of a smoothness and richness that have been acclaimed the World over. 
I have three interesting Rioja wines under the brand name Don Carlos Velazquez.  
The wines are coming from the vineyards of Santiago Ijalba Garcia which are in the Rioja Alto. All of the grapes used for winemaking are single estate.  
Don Carlos Velazquez Cosecha 2004
When I looked for a Rioja I was sure I wanted a NEW STYLE Rioja. Something that would take on a new world wine and beat it for more fruit and body. This is it.  
Don Carlos Velazquez Reserva 2001
The discerning wine buyer will be confused about this wine. Some will say it is Australian, others will argue that it is a Chilean! But it is a Rioja. Smooth, but still oaked, but you will hardly notice it until you come to the aftertaste. Incredible, when you see that the wine has been left in new American oak casks for more than a year, followed by resting in bottles for another two years  
Don Carlos Velazquez Gran Reserva 2001
This is for traditionalists. People who want a full bodied, full oomph!!! from their wines. Enjoy this wine, all cosied up with nice game, or a roast, in front of a roaring fire.