Product Range: Wine Vinegars

Don Carlos Wine Vinegars are produced using traditional methods in Rioja, Spain. Don Carlos wine vinegars are extremely versatile. They can be used to add depth of flavour to stews and sauces, as a marinade and as an ingredient in salad dressings.

White Wine Vinegar 500ml
White Wine Vinegar can be used to bring out the sweetness in strawberries and melons, add a twist to spicy salsas and marinades and wake up the flavour of sauces and glazes.

Red Wine Vinegar 500ml
This robust and pungent red wine vinegar is perfect when blended into salad dressings or drizzled over green leaf salads and steamed vegetables. Red Wine Vinegar can even be used as a dip.

Cider Vinegar 500ml
The fruity flavour and crisp tang of Cider Vinegar makes it the ideal vinegar for seasoning stews and roast dishes. This Cider Vinegar blends wonderfully with garlic and can also be used in fruit pickles and relishes.

Sherry Wine Vinegar 500ml
Sherry vinegar is particularly recommended as a salad dressing and is an essential ingredient for the traditional Andalucian cold soup Gazpacho.

Tarragon Vinegar 500ml
Add a drop of Tarragon Vinegar to rich sauces like Bearnaise as its unique taste brings out the full flavour of salads, sauces and French vinaigrette.

Rioja Wine Vinegar 500ml
Aged for 4 years before bottling, this delicious vinegar is perfect for use in summer salads.

Pedro Ximenez 250ml
Considered by some as the 'King of the Vinegars', Pedro Ximenez is fermented and matured in small oak barrels under carefully controlled conditions. Ideal in sauces or directly over a leafy salad.