Product Range: Olive Oil

All Don Carlos Olive Oil is sourced from the finest olive groves in the heart of the Andalucian countryside. Don Carlos Olive Oil is a completely pure and natural product as olive oil does not undergo any chemical treatment and is edible in its natural state. Scientists and dieticians agree that Olive Oil is a healthier alternative to other oils and fats as it is cholesterol free. For more about olive oil and health click here »
Don Carlos Olive Oil is available in the following varieties
Extra Virgin  (Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from the first cold pressing of the olive. Don Carlos Extra virgin Olive Oil is best enjoyed on cold dishes - for dipping or drizzling or for use in dressings marinades and sauces.
Pure (Available in 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre)
This olive oil is composed of refined olive oils and virgin olive oil and is perfect for using in dishes where a lighter or more refined olive taste is required. It is perfect for sautéing meat or vegetables.    
Mild and Light (Available in 250ml, 500ml)
This olive oil is specially blended for its particularly mild taste & lightness of colour. It is the ideal oil to use in baking as a substitute for butter or margarine.  
Don Carlos Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Available in 500ml)
This is a rich, fruity olive oil. It is certified organic to ensure the best flavour. The oil is produced from olives grown in Andalucia under strict environmental conditions.